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BALATON Dark-juiced introduction from Hungary. Very high sugar, low acid. Great for eating out of hand. Unique in that there is no bleeding when the stem is pulled off. Balaton is like a new kind of fruit crop. Ideal for farm market. 

DANUBE (ERDI BOTERMO)  An exciting red-juiced type from the breeding program in Hungary. Dark red skin, dark red flesh, dark red juice. High sugar content -- designed for eating fresh, "out of hand". Not as winter hardy as Montmorency.    

JUBILEUM  Another red-juiced, red-fleshed dessert variety from Hungary, just released in the US through Michigan State University. High sugar with fine acid balance.

MONTMORENCY  The standard pie cherry of North America. Bright red skin, yellow flesh, colorless juice -- an "amarelle".        

METEOR  Similar to Montmorency but somewhat larger fruit -- bright red skin, yellow flesh, clear juice. A very winter-hardy selection from University of Minnesota. Ripens about 5 days after Monts. Tree is somewhat less vigorous than Montmorency.       

NORTHSTAR  Another Minnesota introduction, Northstar is a morello-type -- dark red skin, dark red flesh and dark red juice. Fruits are about the same size as Monts. Harvest should be delayed until fruit is ripe -- about 12 days after Montmorency. Natural semi-dwarf tree.           

SUREFIRE   First tart cherry introduction from the Geneva station.  Larger fruit than Montmorency, not quite as heavy production. Tree is more open, much easier to pick; good for the PYO trade. Matures about 2 weeks after Montmorency. It was released because of its red-fleshed fruit, high quality, and very late bloom time.        

SUMADINKA Old Russian red-juiced variety. Similar to NorthStar. Very hardy.