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 BARLAND (syn. Bosbury)   Originated in England in the 1600s.  Early midseason.  High acids, high tanins.  Large, vigorous, long-lived tree.  Scab susceptible.

BARNET (syn. Brown Thorn; Hedgehog)  Edible. Early midseason harvest. Fruit small. Fallen fruits resemble baby hedgehogs!! Tree: rather compact growth;  scab-resistant; early bearing.

BLAKENEY RED (syn. Painted Lady) Common perry pear in Herefordshire, widely planted during late 19th century.  Originated in early 1800s. Heavy and reliable cropper. Harvest midseason. Fruit medium-sized, crisp, juicy, mildly acid. Midseason bloom. Stewed juice once used to dye khaki uniforms.      

BRANDY From the West of England; originated about 1820.  Natural semi-dwarf tree with wide crotch angles. Productive, but biennial cropping tendency. Very precocious. Midseason harvest.   Fruits are turbinate. Low tannin content.    

BUTT  Very firm fruit that does not rot readily. Juice ferments slowly.  Moderately vigorous tree;  narrow-angled crotches.

GELBMOSTLER Common in Austria and northern Switzerland.  Fruit medium to large, globular, astringent.  Originated in 1700s.    

GIN Late midseason harvest. Heavy, conspicuous spur systems on vigorous tree.        

HELLEN'S EARLY AKA Sweet Huffcap. Pre-1700 from Gloucester/Hereford. Heavyily cropping, vigorous trees. Early September harvest; smallish green-yellow fruit. Medium acid perry pear. Self-sterile.

HENDRIK'S HUFFCAP (Hendre Huffcap) Excellent orchard and perry-making qualities.  Midseason harvest.  Low tannins.  Fruit small. Tree:  vigorous; wide crotch angles.    

NORMANNISCHEN CIDERBIRNE Extensively grown  in Normandy and Austria;   esteemed for high quality perry.  Fruits small, turbinate, greenish-yellow, russetted. Rather dry flesh.  Originated in Normandy in 1913. 

RED PEAR  English variety at least 400 years old.  Vintage quality perry.  Ripens late midseason. Tree: moderate vigor; wide crotch angles.Very early bearing.   

ROMANIAN PERRY   Fruit small, yellow. Matures mid-September.       

SCHWEIZER WASSERBIRNE   An antique perry variety.  Fruit medium size, roundish, yellow.  Disagreeable flavor.   

TAYNTON SQUASH  Early ripening; medium acids and tannins.  Very old English variety, grown in England before 1700.  Vintage quality perry.  Very productive but often biennial.  Very susceptible to scab.      

THEILERSBIRNE Very old type from Switzerland.       

THORN Antique variety, good quality for perry, dessert and cooking. Early midseason harvest.  Not precocious.  Scab susceptible.  Grown also for dessert. 

WINNAL'S LONGDON   English perry pear first propagated about 1790.  Midseason ripening.  Scab resistant.       
YELLOW HUFFCAP    Very productive but often biennial.  Excellent quality perry.  Large, vigorous tree.     


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