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This is a section of Cummins Nursery dedicated to stories (preferably in some way connected to fruit and/or farming). We are open to stories you send in as well!!!

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Sarah Cummins Small
The color of wheat bread speckled like the skin of a golden delicious, 
     Freckles on top of freckles and tiny nicks from his knife, 
     Spots of blood turned to brown scabs.
 My father's hands have never changed.  
     Every night a different apple skinned naked, split and seeded 
     without him ever looking down, 
     loving the fit of apple in the left hand, 
     brown-handled knife in the right. 
He licks the tip of his finger where the juice runs clear 
     and skewers a slice for me which I take regardless of whether I want an apple 
     or whether the flesh has begun to brown around the edges. 
 When he is done, 
     knife set down and fingers wiped clean against the legs of his beige corduroys, 
     I will take the leathered back of his hand to my cheek and hold it there, 
     begging his weathered roots to spread their soil-caked fingers 
     long and strong as deep as the generations will go.