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CANADICE A Geneva introduction from the Bath x Himrod cross. Large clusters of seedless red berries, with flavor close to the old seeded Delaware. Productive vine, hardy to -20F.

CONCORD The old reliable seeded blue grape -- long the backbone of the eastern grape industry. Almost all purple grape juice on the supermarket shelf was pressed from Concords.

CONCORD SEEDLESS A sport of the original blue Concord -- identical with the original except seedless and considerably less vigorous. Ideal for grape pies.

MARQUIS  New white seedless just introduced by Cornell's Geneva station. Large, high quality berries; very large cluster. Harvest 10-15 days before Concord. Moderately vigorous vines. Very productive. Medium hardy.

RELIANCE One of the best introductions from Dr. Jim Moore's breeding program at University of Arkansas: Ontario x Suffolk Red. Medium-sized, pinkish-red, seedless berries in large clusters. Excellent flavor. Good storage. Matures about 2 weeks before Concord. Mildew-tolerant. Very winter-hardy.

VANESSA SEEDLESS Deep red, seedless berries, crisp and juicy. Cluster medium size, rather loose. Moderately productive. Hardy to -10F. 


We do not have any of the grapes listed below this year...


EINSET SEEDLESS Medium-sized cluster of seedless red berries; mildly strawberry-like flavor. Crack-resistant. Good storage potential. Resistant to botrytis, susceptible to mildew. Medium hardy.

HIMROD One of the"three sisters" introduced by the Geneva Station, from the Ontario x Thompson Seedless cross. Large, long, loose clusters of seedless golden-yellow berries -- crisp, sweet, juicy, with delicate flavor. Ripens a month before Concord. Good storage. Hardy to -15F.

INTERLAKEN The second of the "three sisters". Tight, medium-sized cluster. Seedless berries are small, golden-yellow, crisp, sweet but tangy. Ripen about with Himrod but more productive. Hardy to -5F

JUPITER®. New BLUE seedless from the University of Arkansas breeding program. Distinct muscat flavor. Berries slightly larger than Reliance. Adherent skin. No cracking. Attractive conical clusters. Early midseason maturity.

LAKEMONT Another "sister". Most productive of the three. Very large, tight clusters of seedless yellow-green berries. Ripens about 2 weeks before Concord. Maybe a trifle less hardy than Himrod and Interlaken.


MARS From the breeding program at University of Arkansas; selected from the Island Belle x Ark 1339 cross. Compact, medium to large cluster. Berries dark blue when mature, seedless, slipskin. Medium hardy.

NEPTUNE. New white seedless from the University of Arkansas breeding program. Berries slightly larger than Reliance. Adherent skin. No cracking. Attractive clusters. Midseason maturity.


REMAILLY SEEDLESS Very hardy introduction from the Geneva program. Crisp green berries; good flavor. Ripens with Concord. Very vigorous and very productive. Resistant to bunch rot; tolerant to mildew.

SATURN Recent introduction from Arkansas that is extraordinarily winter hardy. Berries red, seedless.

SHERIDAN An old Geneva variety from the Herbert x Worden cross.  Fruit much like Concord but larger and later -- blue-black, seeded, slipskin, sweet. Clusters very large, compact. Hardy to -15F. 

SUNBELT®Concord type that is better adapted to hotter climates. Juice is intensely colored, highly flavored. 

SWENSON RED From the private breeding program of Elmer Swenson in Minnesota -- hardy to -30F. Long, compact clusters, oddly shaped. Berries non-slipskin, meaty, purple to blue, with large seeds. Very sweet. Ripens 3 weeks before Concord. 

TRAMINETTE New white wine grape released by Cornell's Geneva station in 1996. Considerably winter-hardy and disease-resistant than its pollen parent, Gewrtztraminer. Matures in early October at Geneva.